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The world's only financial writer and comedian

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“Laid-back and easy going … There was not a dull moment while he was on stage”

Very witty … entertaining and educational .. Very impressive” The Times

“Funny, absorbing … full of historical insights.” The Spectator

Dominic Frisby is an entertaining and informed financial commentator. Quick-witted, warm and well-spoken, he is also an extremely charming host.

Dominic’s recent TV and film credits include:

  • The Money Pit, with Jason Manford, in which Dominic was the resident financial expert.
  • Co-writing and narrating Four Horsemen, the award-winning documentary about the Global Financial Crisis. (Watched by over 7m people on YouTube, which is unprecedented for an economics documentary)
  • He has just finished writing and presenting, Sense of Beauty, 1 6-part series about beauty, which is now in pre-production.
  • Daily Politics (BBC Two) and Moral Maze (BBC Radio 4).

He writes a weekly investment column for Moneyweek, and regularly contributes to the Guardian, the Independent and Aeon.

His 2014 book, Bitcoin: the Future of Money? (‘Read it and glimpse into the future,’ said Sir Richard Branson) was the first book on bitcoin by a recognized publisher. His other book is Life After the State (‘Something extraordinary … a page-turner on the economy’, James Harding).

Following his 2016 sell-out show, Let’s Talk About Tax, Dominic is currently working on a book about tax for Penguin Random House. In 2018 he returns to Edinburgh with a new financial gameshow/quiz and is currently preparing for that.

He has hosted (and continues to host) numerous podcasts, including: Stuff That Interests Me, the Virgin Podcast, Commodity Watch Radio and Penguin Random House’s Live Life Better.

Previous jobs in Dominic’s varied life include: sports commentator, florist, rapper and boxing ring announcer.  He worked for many years as a stand-up and still comperes gigs once a week to “keep the muscle”. Day-to-day he can be found trotting about the sound studios of London, busying away at voiceovers.

As a hobby, he enjoys making short videos for YouTube. One of them, Debt Bomb, became a viral hit.

Other reviews –

“Hugely funny” The Guardian

'Charming, inventive and very funny,' The List

“Frisby is clearly endowed with great comedy talent” Chortle

“Frisby’s hour is a nutritionally dense alternative to a lot of snackier Fringe fodder on offer, crammed with fascinating, infuriating stuff” The List

“Frisby pulls off a considerable feat in making tax an entertaining subject.” Broadway Baby

“So entertaining I would sign up for a full course of lectures should such a thing exist” The National

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